Compute problems can be solved efficiently - with the latest HPC and cloud technology. We prevent your IT department from getting headaches during implementation. If required, we provide powerful engineering IT, optimize it throughout and ensure that all CAx activities run quickly and smoothly.  

Managed Service HPC

Bulletproof IT at any time

Efficient management:
We design, manage and enlarge powerful HPC environments - you concentrate on your core business.

Many years of expertise:
HPC applications require implementation according to your needs - we take care of high bandwidths, comprehensive network capacities, and stable computing power.

Hybrid HPC

Optimal infrastructure solutions for all HPC environments

Excellent tuning:
We easily and quickly complement on-premises HPC workloads with high-quality cloud technologies - even for demanding CAE simulations.

Maximum efficiency
The powerful combination of on-premises and cloud ensures lean workflows are built in an automated HPC environment.

Cloud HPC

Better together

From a single source:
We plan and operate turnkey HPC clusters in the cloud - the perfect combination for maximum CPU power for demanding CAE applications.

Complete HPC workflows:
We map your workflow individually
 - with powerful resources in the cloud.
Benefit from clever automation, unlimited
scalability and low costs.

CAE Automation

Crack your IT productivity

Customized solutions:
We know the optimization potential of CAE
processes exactly and can adapt your
 workflows perfectly.

Automated CAE environments:
Reduce complexity in product development through smart automation - for shorter development times and faster time-to-market.

CAE Solutions

Powerful Solutions for
Computer-Aided Engineering 

Meet practical usage requirements:
Our tools solve frequently-occurring problems that are not covered by the standard functions of common CAD systems.

Three smart specialists:
The tools for license management, job orchestration or the Digital Engineering Workplace are perfect additions to everyday engineering work.