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Energy-efficient Simulation Methods for
Application-oriented computational problems

We do Green HPC

GNS Systems participates in research project for better energy efficiency of high-performance computing

The data centres operated in Germany consume around 3 per cent of the total electricity produced. As a result, they are responsible for up to 8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The ENSIMA collaborative project aims to significantly optimise energy efficiency in high-performance computing. The use of AI methods should not only improve the determination of design parameters, but also significantly accelerate the execution time of simulation processes. The knowledge gained from the project will then provide important indicators for increasing the result quality of complex, multi-stage simulation processes in the long term.

ENSIMA aims to improve energy and cost efficiency as well as overall resource utilisation with regard to material utilisation. For the sheet metal forming use case in the automotive industry, the aim is to reduce the computing time by 50 per cent and the steel input by 15 per cent in order to indirectly reduce the manufacturing-related emissions in vehicle production.

GNS Systems is actively involved in this pioneering research project with its Digital Engineering Center. The Digital Engineering Center provides the optimal environment and hardware configuration for the training and application of an AI model as well as for the OpenForm calculations in the cloud.

ENSIMA brings together leading academic and industrial partners:

  • RWTH Aachen Universität

  • Technische Universität Darmstadt

  • Forschungszentrum Jülich

  • Gesellschaft für numerische Simulation mbH (GNS)

  • GNS Systems GmbH

  • SIMCON kunststofftechnische Software GmbH

  • Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt

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